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Reach related questions recently asked:

What is Estimated Reach?

Estimated reach is the expected results you will get in your selected budget range. It strongly depends upon the content and the market competition. The actual number of people reached maybe a lot more than the estimated figure and can also be less than the same too.

How can I get the best out of my YouStaBook plan?

Design and Create original & quality content that people may love to share with there friends and family. This will help you reach a much wider audience as you must know, Content is the King. If you are facing any problem in doing the same you can join Youstabook PRIME and get your content designed by our team of professionals or if you want a studio to shoot or record your content with all professional facilities, you can come to our Creator's Studio managed by our partner Spread Love Studios and create awesome content.

Is the term 'Reach' mean views?

Not for all. As per Youstabook, the term 'Reach' given in various plans, is the expected result of that particular package. In the light of the above, in case of Video related promotional plans, like that of Youtube, reach means the number of estimated views.

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