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How much time it will take to get my budget fully utilized in case of pre-designed (one-time budget) packages?

The budget of your selected pre-designed (one-time budget) package generally exhausts in 7 days, if not specially specified by you.

How much time does it take to get my promotions started after successfully paying the amount?

Once you submit your content and pay the amount it goes under review for the approval purpose. If your content founded not conflicting with any of the Youstabook as well as Google or Facebook policies, it goes live within 48 hrs.

What if my content gets disapproved?

You should read the content policies first to eliminate the chances of disapproval. In case your content gets disapproved you will get assistance from our team to help you and suggest you ways to fix the issue.  

How to pay for the package I selected?

Once you adopt a package, you will be assisted by our team regarding the payment for the same. You will be offered various convenient payment options through which you can easily and safely pay the amount.

What is Estimated Reach?

The term is thoroughly explained. Click here to find the answer.

Why I should join PRIME?

By Joining PRIME, you can avail the following benefits:

> Complementary  SWOT analysis of your brand by our Business and Market Experts 

> Complementary Target Market Analysis of your Brand's market by our Marketing and Advertising Experts

> Best possible campaign designing over various platforms within your budget

> No Budget Slabs, PRIME works within the budget instructed by you

> Discounts over all the services provided by Youstabook and its partners

> It includes almost all forms of available Media 

Google Policies for Video Ads (Youtube Ads) Click here to know more

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